the girlsWe have a passion for goats and after having had Angora and Boer goats for many years we converted to Dairy Goats in 2001. We started off with milking 2 Saanen girls for household use and soon after we had a go at making organic goat cheese. This turned out to be very successful with family and friends so we took things a step further, established a professional cheese-making area and certified with MPI  (formerly NZFSA).  Now we milk a small flock of Anglo-Nubians for our cheese production. They are well known for their lovely and affectionate personalities. We love our girls and we provide them with a happy and stress free life as much as is possible. They all have names and are really friendly and close to us. Goats are browsers by nature and we allow them to graze over a big area with a variety of different grasses, herbal lays and shrubs. Goats don`t like wind and rain so they have plenty of shelters and at night they all return home again. At all times they have access to fresh drinking water and hay and the milking does are fed some organic barley as well. Our farm is CAE and Johnes disease accredited. CAE stands for Caprine Arthritis nubriansEncephalitis and is an immuno-supressive disease caused by a retro virus which affects goats. We belong to NZDGBA (NZ Dairy Goat Breeders Association), NZ Nubian Club and Waikato Dairy Goat Club. Our girls are on maternity leave during May and June enjoying a well deserved break to prepare themselves for mother hood again in July .We only make cheeses from our own organic goat milk so during that period cheese making is having  a break as well.

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