Our Cheeses: Aroha Organic Goat Cheese is a specialty product with each cheese handcrafted using only methods that are one with nature.

It is a classic Dutch Gouda Raw Milk cheese made from our own organic goat milk, we then add a cheese culture, vegetable rennet, various certified organic herbs, or spices, & sea salt. We don`t plastic coat or wax so all cheeses have a natural edible rind and are ripened and aged on kahikatea wooden shelves. As our cheeses are handmade, each one might slightly differ in shape and weight. The cheese is best stored cool but is nicest eaten by room temperature. Although we consider our cheeses as natural as can be, raw milk cheese would be the ultimate product since it is  unaltered and none of the natural components been damaged by pasteurisation.

Why do we use vegetable rennet? Rennet in general is an important ingredient in the cheese making process which helps the milk to set or coagulate. Most traditional cheeses are made with animal rennet which is derived from the lining of a goat or calf's stomach. We only use vegetable rennet which is a substance derived from a type of mushroom called Rhizomucor miehei. It is more acceptable for people who object to the use of animal by-products. We are a small Artisan  cheese Co and love every aspect of what we are doing. AROHA ORGANIC GOAT CHEESE Is not JUST a cheese!! Each cheese is a little journey starting with organic soils and beautiful herbal lay pastures, to happy healthy girls, happy milking and cheese-making with the end trophy a delicious organic cheese. A total journey of passion and love for what we are doing.

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